Best Institute for Medical–NEET, IIT/ JEE, Carmel School Bhubaneswar – School Integrated Program for IIT/ JEE

What is school integrated program?

Preparation for competitive tests for Medical/Engineering Entrance such as AIIMS/NEET/JEE and formal school education Board Exams is totally coordinated in this programme, which takes place during school hours and on school grounds.

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Best scores in engineering and medical entrance exams and boards

The School Integrated Program for IIT/ JEE, designed by Carmel School Bhubaneswar, is a revolutionary method to competitive exam preparation that even outperforms the finest systems. The main benefit of this course is that it allows students to synchronize their study for several tests while also saving time by eliminating the need for them to commute between coaching classes and school.

Synchronized study for JEE Advanced + JEE Main + Boards + Other Engineering or Medical Entrance Exams is the programme that has produced the most toppers. All objectives are met within the constraints of the school schedule, and you are prepared to offer your best and most ideal performance, even if the exam pattern is altered at the last minute. We are the only best institute whose students excel in not only JEE Advanced but also JEE Main, Boards, and other entrance exams.

For all parents and striving children, the Integrated School Program is a dream come true. This is a programme that will assist you in achieving the very best in all a student may hope for. Best possible AIIMS /NEET/JEE  Medical/Engineering Entrance performance, best possible board exam performance, and development of a thorough and healthy personality with all the inputs essential for constant success in the world. This programme is the Carmel School Bhubaneswar Team’s desire to bring rejuvenation to the Indian Education System, and we are striving to achieve Ideal School Education.

Focus and objective of the program

  • The programme would ensure that JEE Main/Advanced academics are closely aligned with school/board level exams.
  • This programme will ensure that students are prepared for JEE Main/Advanced/Board/School exams under the supervision of the best faculty.
  • This programme will relieve students’ stress, which arises from a lack of available time for self-study.
  • This programme will provide you the time you need to study on your own. This will help pupils succeed in the JEE Main, Advanced, Board, and School exams.
  • This programme will provide systematic and planned study materials that will cover the full syllabus for the JEE Main/Advanced/Board/School exams.
  • Students’ preparation will be regularly assessed in this curriculum using well-designed test series. This test series programme consists of JEE Main/Advanced/Board/School level tests that are designed to satisfy the needs of these exams and cover all of the major components.

Benefits of the program

  • Students who join in this programme will receive a comprehensive study plan for the JEE Main/Advanced/ Board exams.
  • Students will be prepared for the JEE Main/Advanced/Board/School exams by the best faculties.
  • Students will have enough time for self-study and to improve their skills in a variety of disciplines.
  • Students’ performance in JEE Main/Advanced as well as School/Board exams will significantly increase as a result of this training.

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