New PDF release: When the Universe Took a U-turn

By B. G. Sidharth

ISBN-10: 9814277819

ISBN-13: 9789814277815

This booklet addresses the various baffling questions encountered on the ultimate frontier of house and time relating to particle physics and cosmology within the context of contemporary iconoclastic observations and advancements. while particle physics stagnated within the early seventies, a brand new improvement emerged - String conception. For the earlier 25 years, String idea, popularly referred to as the speculation of every thing, has mesmerized not only scientists, but additionally most of the people. but a more in-depth scrutiny at the present time finds that it truly is not more than a mathematical surprise. It has neither anticipated something nor has it been anyplace close to verification. we're basically the place we have been within the early seventies. one other continual challenge that Einstein had deserted was once the unified description of his conception of basic Relativity that offers with the Universe at huge and Electromagnetism that's to do with debris. one of these description is critical whether it warrants a thorough departure from our time-honoured rules of area and time. A vibrant spot has now seemed in Cosmology. Iconoclastic observations long ago years have proven that the Universe is basically accelerating, pushed through a mysterious darkish power. This e-book takes the lay reader via those uncharted waters and mind-boggling advancements on an unbelievable trip from the extremely small to the farthest stretches a possibility, through such mind's eye defying ideas as additional dimensions and a number of universes.

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But then light was a sort of a wave and here the samething was happening with electrons which are clearly particles. Puzzling to say the very least. But further proof followed the same year. F. Thompson bombarded a beam of electrons on to a thin gold foil. Again he got on the other side the same alternate rings. It is easy to explain why there should be these shadow and bright regions, in the case of light. Different waves of light would interfere with each other. Remember a wave has a high and a low.

Bohr related the number of quanta of energy that an electron would emit with the spectroscopic numbers which gave if you remember, the spectral lines of the Ritz Combination Principle - one of the first of the paradoxical findings. Thus at one stroke Bohr could explain several experiments, although with the help of rather arbitrary and against the prevailing physics commonsense assumptions. However, Bohr hesitated to publish these radical ideas. Would anyone take him seriously? After he returned to Copenhagen, he was persuaded by Rutherford to go ahead and do so.

H. Compton in 1923 was scattering X-rays through light elements. These experiments too showed that X-rays, which were electromagnetic waves, behaved once again like quanta or packets or photons. There was here a duality - particles behaving like waves and waves behaving like particles. H. ). All this needed a new mathematical description, because particles were known to obey Newton’s laws of mechanics while waves obeyed Maxwell’s theory of electromagnetism. Now particles too had to be included in a wave type of description.

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