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By Joseph S. Catalano

ISBN-10: 0226097013

ISBN-13: 9780226097015

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Northwestern University Press, 1 966) . Hartmann's general thesis is that the internal development of Being and Nothingness should be understood in light of Hegel 's logic and that the basic relation of the for-itself to the in-itself is one of a truncated dialectic . 23 Marxism and Ex i stentialism By the time Sartre wrote the Method in 1 957 , Marxism had become for him the philosophy that weds theory and action . He was experiencing the proletariat , those " ' sub-men con scious of their sub-humanity, ' ' ' (Method, 1 9 , F 23 , NF 29) not merely as a tragic problem that had not yet been resolved , but as a h istorical phenomenon that was being maintained in existence by present practices .

Revised by Arlette Elkaim Sartre (Paris: Gallimard , 1 985). 3. Sartre, Search for a Method, trans . Hazel E . Barnes (New York: Al fre d A . K n opf 1 963) . Problem of Method, trans. Hazel E. Barnes (London: Methuen & Co. , 1 964) . 4. Sartre , Critique of Dialectical Reason, vol. I, Theory of Practical Ensembles, trans. A lan Sheridan-Smith (London: New Left Books, 1 976) . References to the French editions of the Ques­ tion de methode and the Critique will be indicated simply by "F" for the original edition and "NF" for the new (with page number) .

What succeeded it? A sudden zest, a new appetite for the concrete" (2 1 ) . 31 Marxism and Existential ism hypostasized abstraction . There are, he s ays , only "philosophies . " Neverthe­ less, in certain historical situations in which a specified kind of totalization clarifies the self-consciousness of the rising class , a philosophy e xists for that time. Since the s ixteenth century, we have had the philosophies of Descartes and Locke , Kant and Hegel , and , finally, Marx . "At the time of the noblesse du robe and of mercantile capitalism , a bourgeoisie of law yers , merchant s, and bankers gai ned a certain self-awareness through Cartesiani sm; a century and a half later, in the primitive stages of industrialization , a bourgeoisie of manufacturers , engineers , and scientists dimly discovered itself in the image of universal man which Kantianism offered to it" (Method.

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